The frequency treatments of the future, are here now


Specializing in Adventure Recovery and pain management, we offer variety of services, working with quantum-level energy modalities to align your life force and keep your body and spirit in balance. We take an integrative and holistic approach to wellness with an emphasis on identifying and addressing current stressors, exploring past experiences and family dynamics, and developing positive life patterns. Click below to learn about the technology we provide in our sessions.


Vibroacoustic Lounges paired with Infrared & Quantum Touch Therapy


Muscle & Joint Repair, Pain Reduction and Nitric Oxide Boosters You Can Use at Home or On the Go!

Experience half-hour tech demos of the dual inHarmony Vibroacoustic Sound Lounges, InLight Medical Polychromatic Low Level Light Therapy Systems or Richway Amethyst Far Infrared Biomats.  

All are on hand to try before you buy! $35 per modality. Discounts for combos and/or experiencing with a friend! 

Call or text 928-254-9245 or 928-301-2301 to check availability for today to begin your journey of frequency transformation.

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(928) 254.9245 or (928) 301.2301

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For more information about the InLight&Sound Immersion™ - events, practitioners and more, feel free to contact us today!